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Vaporizers for Propane, Butane and other LPG

WB Vaporizer Data Sheet.PDF Water Bath LPG Vaporizers
WB-168  to WB-10005, Capacities from 168 gph to 10005 gph.
ProCool Data Sheet.PDF Inhibited Heat-Transfer Solution (HTS).
Inhibited Propylene Glycol solution for use in Water Bath Vaporizers.
ProCool MSDS.PDF Inhibited Heat-Transfer Solution (HTS).
Inhibited Propylene Glycol material safety data sheet.

LPG/Air Mixers and Blenders

POM Blender Data Sheet.PDF Piston Operated Mixers (POM)
The most reliable LPG/air mixing system in the industry.
HVS Blender Data Sheet.PDF Hallberg Venturi Mixer (HVS)
Atmospheric or Air-Assisted, for Combination with Existing Vaporizers, and as Replacement for existing, less reliable mixers.
Proportional Blender Comparison.PDF Proportional Blender Comparison
Comparions of Various Proportional Blending Technologies.

Vaporizer/Mixer Combinations (Compact All-In-One Solutions)

WB/HVS Blender Data Sheet.PDF Water Bath Vaporizers with Venturi Mixer Systems. Complete Systems, skid-mounted, for easy installation, capacities from 14MMBTU/h to over 200MMBTU/h.
I-Blend Data Sheet.PDF Containerized LP/Air Blending Systems, complete with Air Compressors. Fully Integrated Synthetic Natural Gas system inside standard ISO shipping container, i-20 to i-100.

GraviBlend® Gas Properties Analyzer

GraviBlend®-3 Data Sheet.PDF GraviBlend®-3 Gravitometer for LPG/Air Mixtures. Wall-Mounted, Explosion-Proof, and Portable Gravitometers for use in LPG/Air systems.

General Information

LPG Data Sheet.PDF Technical Data for Propane, Butane, and other LPG Mixes. Conversion factors, LPG Properties, Wobbe Index and Compatible Mixtures, etc.
White Paper.PDF Technical Paper on LPG Vaporizers and LPG/Air Mixing Systems. Brief, plain-text description of system components and applications.
Company Profile.PDF Company Profile. Brief history of Alternate Energy Systems.

Application Installation Notes, Sizing Worksheets, Presentations

SG versus Wobbe.PDF The Effect of Changes in LPG Composition on the Interchangeability of LPG/Air Mixtures.
FeedstockVariations.XLS Interactive Worksheet to determine maximum allowable variations of LPG feedstock compositions in SG-controlled Synthetic Natural Gas Plants Requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on your system.
SNG System Sizing Worksheet (Excel file) Interactive Worksheet to calculate system requirements in LPG/Air mixing systems.Requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on your system.
Wobbe Index Presentation Wobbe Index Presentation by Wolfang Driftmeier.Automatic Wobbe Index control for PeakShaving Plants.
Glasstec Presentation Glasstec Presentation by Wolfang Driftmeier.Natural Gas Backup Systems for the Glass Industry.
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