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Stainless Steel Flare Burner Heads (Test Flares)

Test Flares are used during system setup, and for periodical system tests and maintenance. They represent large loads, and allow the system to be tested under simulated load conditions.
AES manufactures standard test flares with 1" gas line, with 2†gas line, or with 3†gas line. Other flares for specific systems are available as customer specials.
All AES test flares are equipped with automatic ignition, standing pilot, stainless steel parts, Electronic Flame Safeguard, and electric solenoid (or pneumatically actuated) main flare gas valve. Flame Arrestors with flanged connections, 304 stainless-steel body, and 316L stainless steel element, are available as an option.


Model Number Size Shipping Weight Price in US-$ Flame Arrestor
FH-2 2" 250 lbs. / 113 kg $ $ (3-inch)
FH-3 3" 350 lbs. / 159 kg $ $ (4-inch)
Weights and dimensions are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 
Call factory or distributor for price quotation and actual lead times.


Flare Burner Capacities
   @ 5 psi @ 10 psi @ 15 psi @ 30 psi @ 50 psi
FH-2 36 MMBTU/h 72 MMBTU/h 101 MMBTU/h 188 MMBTU/h 304 MMBTU/h
FH-3 108 MMBTU/h 196 MMBTU/h 290 MMBTU/h 522 MMBTU/h 841 MMBTU/h
Capacities are approximate and are based on flare stack distance of ~50 ft. from mixer discharge location
and min. pressure of 2 psig at the flare stack.

Last Update 22 May 2016

Simple Flare Head

Flame Arrester

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