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Gravitometer GraviBlend™-3
Main Features

Standard Configuration

Ex-Proof Configuration with separate Sensor Enclosure

NEW GraviBlend™-3P Portable Version with 6-inch TFT Color LCD Touch Screen

  • For Mixtures of Propane/Air, Butane/Air, and Propane-Butane/Air.
  • Color LCD display with touch screen operator interface
  • Direct Display of Specific Gravity, Wobbe Index Number, and Calorific Value
  • Analog output 4...20 mA for external recorder.
  • Fast response time suitable for LPG/Air Mixers
  • Excellent Accuracy (+/- 1.5 %)
  • No Reference Gas required
  • Semi-Automatic Calibration
  • Alarm Outputs
  • Ex-Proof Version (GraviBlend™-3E) with separate Sensor Enclosure
  • Portable Version (GraviBlend™-3P) with metal case and carrying handle.
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