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Previous Price List - No Longer Updated as of 2019
Standard Products

A previous version of the AES price lists is available in two different formats: as individual price lists (in HTML format) for our main products, and as one compact, easy to use, 16-page price list. PDF Price List takes Precedence over Individual Pricing Pages.

Please note that, all prices are subject to change without notice. For current prices, please call your nearest distributor, or the factory.

For the complete, 16-page price list, click on the link above (If you do not have the PDF Reader installed on your system, click here to download your free copy.). The links listed below lead to the individual price last published online in 2019 (HTML-links open the price sheets as new web pages.).


Price List Index
General Information
Limited Warranty HTML
Start Up Service HTML
Terms of Payment HTML
Complete Terms and Conditions HTML
Water Bath Vaporizers HTML
Water Bath Vaporizers for External Water Heaters HTML
Steam Vaporizers HTML
Mixers and Blenders
Hallberg Venturi Mixing Systems HTML
Patented Piston Operated Mixers (POM) HTML
Vaporizer/Mixer Module Systems
Water Bath Vaporizers with Hallberg Venturi System HTML
Water Bath Vaporizers with Patented Piston Operated Mixer (POM) HTML
Accessories for LPG Systems
LPG Transfer Pumps HTML
Truck Unload and Cylinder Fill Stations HTML
Flare Burner Heads (Test Flares) HTML
Coalescing Filters HTML


All equipment manufactured and sold by Alternate Energy Systems, Inc. shall be covered against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase, as covered by our standard equipment warranty (please see the full Terms and Conditions of Sale for details.

Alternate Energy Systems, Inc. will provide a set of two (2) instruction manuals for the equipment as manufactured by AES. The manuals will include literature as provided by the manufacturers of the major components of the system, together with applicable equipment drawings and schematics. Additional instruction manuals or drawings are available for a nominal charge.


Alternate Energy Systems, Inc. has qualified technicians available to assist with the start-up of the system after installation. The technician will explain all aspects of the system and will hold a training session for plant operating personnel in the proper operation and maintenance of the system.
Please contact the factory to get a price quote for the Start Up Service.


Alternate Energy Systems, Inc. has qualified technicians available for inspection, troubleshooting, update and repair of all types of standby equipment. Contact the factory for pricing and scheduling.


Payment terms vary and are detailed on every AES quote and Sales Order Acknowledgement. Payment must be made via check or wire transfer/ACH/EFT. No letters of credit will be accepted. The following finance charges will apply for late payments, unless other agreements exist for that sale only:

The account is subject to a finance charge for late payment of the lower of (A) the maximum allowable rate, or (B) 1½ % per month (Annual Percentage Rate: 18%) on the total past due balance at any time that the past due balance includes any charge remaining unpaid 30 days after the date on which it was billed. There shall be no finance charge under a "Consumer Credit Transaction" as defined under the Federal Truth in Lending Law.

Prepaid freight charges, if applicable, will be invoiced with equipment invoice, and are payable upon receipt.

Click here for full version of Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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