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Accessories for LPG Systems, Truck Unload Stations Cylinder Fill Stations, Methanol Injection Systems, TUS/CFS/MIS-Series

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Truck Unload Stations and Cylinder Fill Stations

Truck Unload Stations are used to transfer LPG from supply trucks to the storage tank(s). AES truck unload stations are designed to be anchored in a concrete foundation. They come complete with liquid transfer line and vapor return line. They are equipped with control valves, excess flow valves, vent valves, backcheck valves, and breakaway couplings. Emergency Shutoff Valves (ESV) with pull cable and Nitrogen-operated ESV are available as an option.
Cylinder fill stations, i.e. for filling of forklift cylinders, can be supplied separately, or integrated with the truck unload station. The price shown below is for a station that is integrated with a Truck Unload Station.


Model Number

Description, Size

Shipping Weight

Price in US-$


Truck Unload Station, 2" x 1¼"

430 lbs.



Truck Unload Station, 3" x 2"

520 lbs.



Cylinder Fill Station

120 lbs.



Methanol Injection System for TUS-2

90 lbs. $

Methanol Injection System for TUS-3

120 lbs. $

Prices for Truck Unload Stations do not include Emergency Shutoff Valves with Safety Handle. Price for Cylinder Fill Station is for integrated unit (with TUS-2 or TUS-3) and does not include fill hose or nozzle. Weights and dimensions are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Call factory or distributor for price quotation and actual lead times.

Last Update 31 JAN 2019

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