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Alternate Energy Systems, Inc. manufactures LPG Vaporizers, LPG Vapor / Air Mixers (Blenders), and complete Systems for use as standby plant, for peak shaving, and as primary gas supply. Since the company was founded in 1974, we have manufactured a wide variety of individual components and packaged systems. These components and packages, complete with interconnecting piping, wiring, and control and monitoring equipment, are thoroughly factory tested, and are ready for connection to liquid LPG supply, properly sized electrical supply, and gas outlet.

In addition to LP and LP/Air Systems, AES also manufactures gas/gas blenders for applications such as Natural Gas Stabilization; Landfill Gas Replacement/Backup; Digester Gas Replacement and Enrichment; Coke Gas Replacement/Backup; Air/Nitrogen Blending; etc. 

Alternate Energy Systems (AES) is a small company with a world-wide presence. We are located in Peachtree City, just outside Atlanta/USA, where we design and manufacture all of our products. Our staff is proud to have a vast knowledge of the industry, which makes us acutely aware of energy problems. The size of our company allows us to focus on a small section of the energy industry, and to respond to new challenges faster than any other organization. Innovation as a means for improvement is more important to us than innovation that only affects the outward appearance of a product. Over the course of our 40-year company history, we have introduced innovations that are now industry-standards, and innovations that are still unique to AES. We strive for continuous improvement and for being recognized as the most innovative and the most responsive manufacturer of vaporization and gas blending equipment worldwide.

All equipment manufactured by Alternate Energy Systems is available in various sizes and configurations, and with various options. Please consult with your area distributor or with the factory for your specific requirements.

Here are a few typical applications:


Application 1: Convert Liquid LPG to LPG Gas for supply of LPG-fired Equipment.

LP Vaporizers are used in applications where the naturally-occurring vaporization of LPG in storage tanks is not sufficient to produce enough LP gas to supply the connected equipment. Vaporizers take liquid LPG in and apply heat to stimulate vaporization of the LPG.

The gas leaving the vaporizer is LP vapor and can be fed directly to the LP burning equipment.


Application 2: Create LP/Air Mixture (Synthetic Natural Gas) to replace Natural Gas.

If the supply of NatGas is interrupted, these systems produce a mixture of LP Vapor and Air with properties that are equivalent to those of NatGas. This allows users to continue using their NatGas equipment without having to switch to equipment that can handle other fuel sources (like diesel, fuel oil, coal etc.).

Commercial and industrial users can take advantage of year-round steep discounts on NatGas offered by their utility company, if they agree to be curtailed when demand for NatGas exceeds supply. These discounts are usually sufficient to amortize the purchase price of a complete system in under two years.


Application 3: Other Gas/Gas Blending Applications

AES Gas Blending Systems are designed to blend any two (or more) gasses at a stable, adjustable blending ratio. Typical non-LP applications include the blending of NatGas with air or Nitrogen to create a gas with properties that are identical to those of Coke Oven Gas, or Landfill Gas, or Digester Gas etc.

Another application is the conditioning of NatGas. In certain critical manufacturing processes, even small fluctuation in the Heating Value of NatGas can create swings of burner output temperatures, which could result in product quality problems, or even the complete loss of a batch. AES Gas Blending Systems take the NatGas - as supplied by the utility company - and blend it with air, Nitrogen, LP or another conditioning gas. The blending ratio is variable, and is automatically controled by sensors in the output stream of the system, measuring the actual gas properties.

The result is NatGas with consistent, pre-defined and very repeatable heating values.


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