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Alternate Energy Systems' Products Include:


All AES vaporizers are manufactured to the rigid codes of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), latest edition of NFPA #58, and are approved for Factory Mutual (FM) or Industrial Risk (IRI) installation, in addition to Canadian Standards Association (CSA), American Gas Association (AGA), and Canadian Gas Association (CGA).

As a manufacturer, we go far beyond the requirements and codes and are continually working to produce equipment with the most modern engineering techniques available. Our vaporizers include:

  • Water Bath Vaporizers
  • Steam Vaporizers
  • Circulating Hot-Water Vaporizers
  • Application-Specific Designs

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Alternate Energy Systems manufactures a complete line of LP gas air blending and mixing systems ranging in capacity from 7MM BTU to over 500MM BTU per hour. Our complete line of venturi mixers and POM Mixers utilize the finest quality material and knowledge to meet the requirement of agencies and insurance companies governing the LPG industry.

  • Venturi Type Mixers
  • POM, Piston Operated Mixers

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Packaged Systems

Alternate Energy Systems manufactures the most complete line of packaged standby equipment available in the industry. These packages, complete with interconnecting piping and wiring, are ready for connection to liquid propane inlet, are ready for connection to liquid propane inlet, properly sized electrical and mixed gas outlet. Module units include:

  • Direct Fired Vaporizer with Venturi Mixer Module
  • Water Bath Vaporizer with Venturi Mixer Module
  • Water Bath Vaporizer with POM Mixer
  • Other Module Units

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Alternate Energy Systems has a complete line of accessories and LPG equipment to complement any LP standby/backup/peakshaving system.

  • Vapor Filters
  • Single Pump Packages
  • Dual Pump Packages
  • Test Flares
  • Peak Shaving Controllers
  • Gravitometers
  • Calorimeters
  • Wobbe Meters
  • Flow Meters
  • Flow Control Valves

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