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Automatic Gas Properties Control for LP/Air Blenders in Standby Systems and PeakShaving Systems

Main Features

  • For automatic Gas Quality Control in LPG/Air Mixing Systems
    with POM Blenders.
  • Consists of Electric Actuator and PID Controller.
  • Can be fully integrated with Specific Gravity Sensor (GraviBlend™-3),
    O2 Analyzer, or Calorimeter.
  • Suitable for Systems from 20 MM BTU/h to over 2400 MM BTU/h.
  • Can be Retro-Fitted to Existing POM Blenders.
  • Fast Response Time
  • Explosion-Proof
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install




All AES patented Piston Operated Mixers (POM-30 to POM-100) can be equipped with this option. It consists of an electric actuator, mounted on top of the POM valve, and a controller with PID characteristics. The controller receives a 4-20 mA signal from a calorimeter, gravitometer (such as the GraviBlend™-3), or oxygen analyzer, and compares this signal with a pre-set value, representing the correct mixture. If deviations are detected, the actuator changes the rotational position of the piston in the POM valve, thereby effectively correcting the mixture to meet customer requirements.

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