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The below pictures represent a cross-section of Alternate Energy Systems Vaporizer, Blenders, Pumps, and Custom Systems.  Some of the systems shown may be equipped with optional or custom features not present on standard models.


 POM Blender for Utility Company PeakShaving: 1,000 MMBTU/hr at 110 PSIG.
Manufactured to Replace Older, Ineffective Blender Manufactured by a Competitor.


WB4505/POM-60 Single Skid Installation.

Steel Mill in Saudi Arabia.


WB-555/POM-30 Single Skid.

WB-1805/POM-30 Single Skid.

WB-2505/POM-60 Single Skid with Integrated Flow Meter and PeakShaving System.

WB-555/POM-30 Single Skid.


Duplex Vaporizer Installation at Government Facility.

WB-4505 for Utility PeakShaving System.

With Integrated Control Air System.


POM-40 with Integrated Gas Analysis, Gas Properties Control, Flow Measurment, and PeakShaving Controller.  Inside Modified 20' ISO Shipping Container.

For Utility PeakShaving.

Redundant POM-30 Blenders in Modified 20' ISO Shipping Container.

For Float Glass Plant.

WB-358 in Modified 20" ISO Shipping Container Prior to Shipment.



Duplex AEP-53C Liquid Transfer Pump.

POM-100 NatGas/Air Blender for Coke Oven Gas Replacement.

Duplex VSV Steam Vaporizer Skid.

VSV-20000 Steam Vaporizer for Power Generation.

WB/POM Primary and WB/HVS Backup.

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